Murex performance tuning and optimization   How to turn the right knobs...

A complex system such as Murex MxG2000 or MX.3 gives you a number of benefits, empowering cross-asset trading and risk management while reducing operational risks due to a high degree of automation, easing the processing in the front-to-back worksflows, yet keeping time-to-market on a reasonable level due to it's modular approach and orthogonal architecture.

However, such an omnipotent tool will grow over time, and thus bears some inevitable risks.

It is getting big. Too big, one day. And there are subtle hints that an implementation may be that large even from the beginning.

The growth may result from market data volume, market data complexity, trade data overhead, processing inefficiencies, audit facilities, and more. Some are implied by legal requirements, others required to allow retrospect analysis, most from just letting it happen. Read: not caring, not cleaning up.

But there is a countermeasure against this degradation: performance tuning will improve business functionality, optimization will improve technical functionality. Short: Murex will not longer distract your users, but instead enable them and revitalize your business.

Housekeeping procedures, performed regularly, are an approach to counter the growth, these include the coarse steps (just saving space)

to the more refined steps (in addition, having positive effect on resource usage like memory and CPU)

up to the more complex ones (including a reduction in exposure/risk or degree of detail in high-volume markets)

Together with the housekeeping and process optimization activities, there is a number of activities applicable on the technical side, including

then going to a next level

up to optimization and tuning of

This list of activies or approaches shall give an idea on where the means of performance tuning and optimization can help with a Murex system and keep it lean and efficient, or regain it's former responsiveness. Others may also support the process of Murex environment maintenance and help reduce regresions during upgrade and extension works. The results are measurable and obvious, as some examples in figures shall show:

What are your concerns with your Murex installation? What are your users complaining about? What bites you most? How can I help you?

While working on Murex projects and contracts in the long term, I am available for short-term assignments to solve your very specific tuning or optimization problems or hold training-on-the-job sessions on how to approach your requirements.

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